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 A serious Lando Joint of the Day!

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PostSubject: A serious Lando Joint of the Day!    Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:03 pm

Well i always joke around and come up with some crazy things to think about but today ....its serious. I was put in a bad bad mood yesterday and the only thing that calmed me down was i made ABR Ryu second D counter because of it. lol

the talk that led to an argument:

i had got off work and washed up and layed down to go to sleep from a very hard work night . got off at 6:30 in the morning mind you. well i was awoken on after 2 hours of sleeping by my sister best friend we all know for over 11 years, me knowing her since my days of being in same class with her in 8th grade. well i fussed about that god awful singing that was super loud her friend was doing and said i need to get some sleep. they laughed. i decided to head to my moms house and gets some rest at her place instead./ as i went to get dressed to leave i told my sister my plans for where i will be moving and looking in a certain area and some of the other plans i have for the weekend . My sister friend jumped in and told me not to move too far and stay close so i can help my sister out. my expression was like ...why do i have to move close by for? my sister is grown 29 year old woman holding down her own home and kids....stay close by for what?

well she goes and says that we can be there for each other kids. well i will always be there for all the kids in my family..i am titled The Uncle...and my 3 year old niece calls me daddy and not uncle landy. lol its so cute and i am used to it. lol

but then fixes her mouth to sday... the reason why i should live close by my sister is because a man cannot raise a daughter to be a woman! my entire thought process went on rage mode.....yeah i know. lol. i calmed my mi9nd down and asked do you figure a man cannot raise his daughter to be a woman? she then says as well a woman cannot raise a boy to be a man. now this is what pushed me pass my limit. when i yet again asked for an explanation..she simply states about a girl needs a woman to show her how to put on tampons. there is no smiley on here that can truly get my expression down to the wire but this one ... :shock: .. an argument ensued back and forth and i still didnt bring up anything about her parenting...she is a grandmother with a daughter younger than mine by years and she herself is years younger than me. but i kept me chill zone on that.....i was tempted tho. she admits that i am a good dad but i just cant show a 16 year old daughter with whom life i have been in for 16 years and even before her birth, she lives with me, i pay her bills, i give her money, we share many talks on life, boys and all kinds of stuff, i provide every need she has and i give her morals. she is bound to college in 2 years and maybe accepted to attend college in japan, she no sexual active, she maintains great grades, team lead in her dance class, and helps as a tutor in after school program one day a week. she beautiful, smart and talented and has a great personality. the daughter i always dreamed of having when i was young and wanted children of my own when i grew up. So i just was so stumped by this woman saying these things , then i had to think about her own my mom, my sis and others said that knew about the argument. she is a hater cause of her own failures in relationships and parenting. Her failed morals left her bitter and she believes in such things that dont hold true but some women and men are out there that believe those very same thoughts as she does.

ok sorry for my lil rant i had to get out but this for me was something that challenged my core beliefs and the foundation of a parent . even tho i know i am a good parent i just cant believe that there are people who think those things. there have been and are women and men on their own raising their daughters and or sons to be good men and women. So i wanna say to all mothers and fathers who are single or together raising their young children to adulthood, keep doing your best and and providing a great example and being the best provider and overall good parent that you can be . Never let anyone rain on your parade.

thanks for reading to all who read .

Crom Lando.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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A serious Lando Joint of the Day!
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