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 Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.

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PostSubject: Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.   Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:04 pm

This takes place after a cool meeting bewteeen Lando and Shadaloo discussing a new game Shadaloo has gotten and wants Lando to try:
Lando: hmmm addicting game you say.....i might have to give this thing a try and see for m...."looks up and sees Zaxis and Cruz pushing over a slab of huge rock* HEY WTF ARE YOU GUYS...OH CRAAAAAAPPPPPPPP* tries to run but too late, slab falls on me.......

so our tale of horror begins.....

The Revenge of the Darkness Creeper!

Cruz: did we get him?
Zaxis: uhhhh uh oh..we got wrong one...we got Lando instead of Shadaloo.
Cruz: uhh i thought that was who we were trying to get? Lando...right?
Zaxis: uhh no....SHADALOO ...good lawd man.
Cruz: :-SS oh crap my pants...quick we gotta get him from under there:
Zaxis.. and then do fkin what? he a pancake with red blood syrup bro. we touch him and CSI Nick will be all over us...DNA Cruz... dont you watch CSI man?
Cruz: My tv only gets 2 channles..Los Animal Planet and HBO...but they fuzzy! :'(
Zaxis: ok ok ok ...we gonna have to get some extra hands in this...we must get someone new to get his hands dirty* calls Bladeknight on cellphone*

ring ring ring ring

Bladeknight: Kunichiwa....hello?
Zaxis: BK dude.. we need your help..can't explain but come to our location quick!
BK: k?

Bk drives then flies in plane and then taxi to the area of Cruz and Zaxis are at.

BK: ok guys glad to finally see you guys! so...whats up?
Cruz: * points at Zaxis* He killed Lando under this slab of rock. :-"
Zaxis: huh ....what...WE did it...stop playing Cruz! \-/o
BK:............soooooooo you called me to another country to help do.....what?
Zaxis.. help us get him out of here and bury his pancake body.
BK:............. /:O your serious?
Cruz: As serious as Lando's David Hasslehoff fandome and Shadaloo's Betty White fetish!
BK: oh in that case ...OK

They move the slab of rock and find just a hole in the ground and Lando's body is gone but blood is everywhere.

Cruz: uhhh where did he go?
BK: jump in the hole Cruz and find out...let us know if he down there.
Cruz: ???.....pass
Zaxis: i aint going down there either....scared of tight places...i was in a straight jacket for years remember...i broke out and on the run ever since.
Cruz: wait... where did Shadaloo go since this all happened...i didnt see him since Lando got flap jacked ? :-??

Shadaloo on the phone at home with Nick: DUDE>>>> Cruz and Zaxis killed Lando!
Nick: got him with a prank on IMT huh lol
shadaloo: ummm hell no! they literally dropped a slab of granite on him while we was talking face to face!
Nick:.........come again? heard what i just said man...they killed him.
Nick: Oh god no....uhh they did not kill him bro....this is going to be bad!
Shadaloo: /:O but but i seen it man! what you talking bout Nick....wait...what did you do?
Nick: welllll remember when Lando and Spidermew was having their Gundam Battle? well lando said he put on Unholy God a funny thing hit me to well.. why not put a spell on him to make him really unholy...but it only works if he ever was to die in real life. Dude...this is not gonna go well..but it might be funny tho.
Shadaloo: Nick...i know you are like...crazy and all but why would this be funny? /:O
Nick: well because if he came back to life i made the spell make him want to crave something...and not cheesesteak. >happy smile

Back at the lando death site

Cruz: Praying
Bk: Praying
Zaxis: Crying
Suddenly...Zaxis is snatched underground!!

BK: ...........what?
BK suddenly snatched undeground and a faint moan is heard whiole screams of blood curdling begins...CCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!

Cruz: starts to run in comedic zig zags ...gets about 50 ft and ground explodes...Cruz face is in shock at the horror! hands reach out and grabs his head...rips off...the figure smells the head...tosses it...COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIEEEESSSSS! give meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Nick and shadaloo meet up at nick house, watching Demon Night horror movie in the dark eating popcorn , oreos, milk, nacos, burgers , pizza and drinking low calorie diet soda

Lights go out!

wind blows and errie nioses are all around

nick: mann i swear i paid my electric bill this month...or did i?
Shadaloo: oh cmon man! it was at the really good part too! dang nick man... o.O#

they both hear some nasty icky sounding a bunch of saggy meat being dragged across the ground.....sleeeeeeshhhhh gets louder and louder

Shadaloo and nick: Wtf is that! they hug in fright! No homo!

*knock....knock...knock.......Cooooooooooooooiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeesssssss! giiiiivvvveee mmeeeeeee!
Rage and Spidermew are next door watching kung Fu Movie: 5 Deadly Venoms

Rage looks out window by chance and sees this disgusting figure at Nicks door and picks up phone.

Ringg ringgg rinnggg picks up

Nick: yo sup Rage , yo are your lights out too cause i swore i paid my Electric bill your royal oneness.
Rage: lights are fine but your front yard looks like someone threw a landfill in your yard and set it all on fire ....and yeah your lights are the way.. are you expecting company cause.. there is someone at your door...and they are ugly as SH*T!

Spidermew grabs phone: It looks like a hobo ugly as all hell and probably stinks...did you call over that same stripper babe again dude?

Shadaloo: dude.. if that is that stripper again i am so gonna not come over here again and you inviting busted females over man. not cool!
Nick: bro...i didnt invite that stripper over...or anyone other than you!
phone hangs up with Rage and Spidermew both yelling in backround" Oh my lawd ! its fuggin........garp , grallllllehhhhh ack dead.

shadaloo and Nick stare at the door while yet again..hugging in front of it. Nick slowly opens the one is there.

Shadaloo: awww mannn here i thought ....whats that sound from behind us?

they slowly turn around and the horror has become reality!!! ITS LANDO and he talks and demands.........!
Give me Coooooookieeess!........NOOWWWWWWWW!

Nick: aww man here ya go bro! here take these fresh oreos bro!
Lando: Thank youuuuuuu brooooooos!
they let Lando out and shut the dorr.
shadaloo: dude that was scary as hell but thats the spell you put on him? man you got serious issues. happy smile
Nick: happy smile yeah i thought it would be funny to cast that on him from the sig i use on IMT, wasn't sure it would work tho. ehh Lando might be even funnier now. happy smile

Suddenly door blows apart! and Lando has returned! and pissed off!

after the gore and bloodbath of slaughtering them, he spots a real bag of nabisco oreo's on kitchen counter...snatches them. takes a bite......Yuuuuuummmmmmmm! grabs half gallon milks and walks out door and down the street into the darkness....IIIII gooooottt cooooookkkiiiiiieeeeeesss....yyyyyaaaayyyyy!

The End. FIN.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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PostSubject: Re: Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.   Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:18 pm

Cruz makes the post No.400 on the random chatter XD PARTY!

What happened to me??
me must live!

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Posts : 966 CROM Points : 1150
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PostSubject: Re: Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.   Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:27 pm

lol! i will see to it that you live in the next Bedtime story i make bro. i think no one will die in that one. this was because of the IMT LTPT thread where i originally posted it and turned it into something here. Gives me another reasdon to type and make fun of myself and others. rotfl. Time to keep having some humor and fun bros. lol. alright back to sprite stage work i go.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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PostSubject: Re: Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.   Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:34 am

LOL That was so crazy and hilarious with the horror stuff. LOL You getting killed by Cruz and Zaxis, and then them calling BladeKnight over for the plan on your dead body (pancake body with blood-like syrup LOL). I bet you got inspired by that big zombie monster who was actually human with costume to act as a frightening individual. Glad I'm not mentioned in the story. ;D
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PostSubject: Re: Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.   

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Lando Funny Bedtime Stories, Book 1.
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