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 Lando's small Skin shading tutorial. lol

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PostSubject: Lando's small Skin shading tutorial. lol   Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:27 pm

Hey there peoples. well as spriting and spriters there are tons of styles and everyone has they own methods and some follow standard rules for what they are trying to make. here is just a simple lil tut i made for a bro trying to learn a bit about shading using an MVC character as a base . yo imma just give you a small idea of shading and following the color hue patterns. this is for skin shading but as well can be used for almost any color shading using mvc style and as well various others.

for me Cable works out great for this cause he has more "open" shades to work with thats clear. Cyclops is a bit rough cause he has many blues on top of blues. lol  they can be changed tho once you start nailing how to alter the shading path to how you want and understanding light source of the style and the outfits path.

i took basic cable stance and i only used the shades from his face to make his skin as whats in his face should also be in his skin tone. same skin shade corrosponding with the colored shades since its a tight frame forming outfit. patterns. light colored blue goes with a light colored skin, then keep that same method going till you get to darkest color. follow the path of the basic shade and use the skin shades to follow the same path. every spriter does this or their own way depending on what skin shade or outfit colored shade they want to use to color an outift or part. i used rogue once and just to practice i made an alt outfit by doing this. same can be done to all characters but depending on how their outfit is and colors used VS what you want your colors to be will vary depending on what your trying to make or transform the character to.

an old alt outfit Rogue edit i made

if you want to add more muscle structures and lines then you have to either use someone ripped in tone as an example to do those or look at how someone is buit and try to emulate using similar method with sprite pixels. each shade represents something to a sprite.Light source for where light is hitting a section from angles, transitional color the next color darker than the light usually sets the contrast and then the darker shade down sets the shadow effect of void of light in that area based on position and where the light is not hitting directly. then last darkest color is where light is hitting the least.  look at both cable basic and the skin tone to se exactly what i mean. hope this helps so far for some ideas of skin shading and color shading.

this is an old edit ( might be a one day last public wip...not sure tho but its on my to do list lol0
Shyla Supreme (original character but in the vein of marvel Gladiator colors and such)

a product of all kinds of shading but as well frankenspriting.

well there ya have that. its not a super in depth tut but one of many i follow and have used for both cvs and Mvc shading as best i can. There are others out there that go farther into more things simple and complex. this is just a basic start for skin shading but i have learned to apply the method to any style and even my own varients. hope this works for those who dont know or want to learn a basic step. i may do another as well with some form of franken spriting and an hd spriting using bases that i try to do. thumbs up

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Lando's small Skin shading tutorial. lol
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