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 hi...don't be wrong about me...

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Jessica Smoke
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PostSubject: hi...don't be wrong about me...   Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:51 pm

first thanks to supaman and the admin by gave me this section for me.
This section you are free to express about me and my hot stuff...

Why the title?
well, along this time I seen wrong things, when somebody hears about a girl
likes xxx or hentai they felt upset or start to talk crap or thing wrong about me.

Seems some can't difference about the real life and "fantasy stuff"
Happened years ago,and when some hear words like gay or lesbian they think WE are sexual maniacs...being wrong..

Hentai,porn and related stuff is about fantasies..but as I share with her ( I was anti hentai in the past because I said "hentai is machismo, hentai is..."..not all hentai is about it...but some stereotypes in that are wrong....and I propose something different from it...with my own hentai
-In hentai is common to see a girl, but fool girl or woman or no brains, who don't know nothing about sex...even her clothes looks like a....hooker..or she walks almost nude in the streets...and that women is submissive, compliant to all desires of her "aggresor"...but I read alot of hentai doujins with girls like that....maybe that authors try to counter attack the "domination of women" or any sexual fetish....I don't know exactly...but when they knows about a girl is an expert in sexual things, or she shows her desires..they run...I see it with hentai fans..and If hentai is a form of porn...they says "Porn is disgusting I prefer hentai" ridiculous...I seen it...they have fantasies with "horny sluts" but when a real slut comes, they run and founds it disgusting!!! Some women can be more "dirty and perverted" than men (just remember the 2girls1cup to know more)...
In my hentai, my char and some of other girls knows and enjoys sex and feels good about it...
Would sounds hipocrite If I say "abuse of fan service is bad", but as you will read I am not wrong all...but.. You saw a girl dressing like Mai Shiranui ( she is a hottie and have a killer body but...)? well maybe but that girls are strippers or hookers in a night club...
The big companies say OK we will add females in our games...but we need to sell,focusing only in males and any who like to see women in bikini.
you guys(and any who likes women) says:"That is fine,while we can see more tits and asses anything is good", and "Sex means money" ,"Sex sells" are true. We, the female players wants heroines to play with and would be identified with them..and as I know, from my friends, nobody considered "Mai Shiranui" like a heroine or role model...she is just fan service to sell and again they forgot about us...even the creator of DOA is not happy in the way that the people thinks about his game....
In my hentai I never pretend to get "perfect girls with killer body" or Victoria's secret models, they are inspired more in things that you see in an ordinary day...they said "the body of Amanda is not perfect,horrible drawing, that face is not enough pretty..blah blah blah" My intention is not portray super models, just girls in different situations....maybe some are horny than other...
In real life I only love ONE GIRL in this world about since 10 years ago,and I am loyal to her as she is loyal to me..and SHE IS ALL FOR ME...
In fantasy....well you can see all in my hentai the kind of "professional I am" "and I am the real Queen"..and in the "fantasy line" words like bitch, slut, cocksucker I do not considere offensive, I am not close-minded...even if someone do an artwork about me or my girls with guro or scat I will not be offended.

that is all...I hope don't hate me..I just want to express as I seen that along the years...
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PostSubject: Re: hi...don't be wrong about me...   Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:05 pm

speak on queen of mugen happy smile < in love

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hi...don't be wrong about me...
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