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 Mortal Kombat x for amdroid and other mobiles

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PostSubject: Mortal Kombat x for amdroid and other mobiles   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:27 pm

Hello everyone. If you dont have one of the lastest consoles on the market but do own a mobile wether android or ios and others, MKX is comin to those 2nd half of April 2015! Good graphics, simular style to Injustice mobile and WWE but seems to be better than those also. So check it out and prepare for your MK fighting on mobile!

Also many of the developers of games for your ps4 and a chance of xbox one games are getting green lighted to port versions to mobile as well. So the futur of mobile gaming has gotten even better! Stay tuned for MK X official release on mobiles platforms.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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Posts : 966 CROM Points : 1150
Join date : 2011-12-22
Age : 44
Location : Philly , Pa

PostSubject: Re: Mortal Kombat x for amdroid and other mobiles   Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:28 pm

Ok even tho i havent gotten my hands on the android version yet since its not out yet.....arggg. i gotma chance to review the ios version which will be more than likely same port for mobile devices.

Basically if you played Injustice mobile or the WWE immortals mobile games....its pretty much same thing rehashed but with MKX characters and brought over from console the x ray attacks and fatalities. Now how those work are pretty cool to wtf? Its all in the cards as always. So there isnt much more to go on into the gameplay mechanics since it uses same setup as the others like it....swipe and tap tap tap crap. Uuuhhhg.

What i do think they dropped the ball on in this game is many things:

Its not like it cant be done. Soul calibur on mobile has shown ios and android devices can hang well with button and joystick layouts very well. So there is no excuse Nether realm/warner could give to clarify why they didnt. Its simple....cause they can amd you will buy in game purchases. So this doesnt cater to your traditional fighting gamer and more a mobile casual fighter type that loves the watered down mechanics. Hell you got emulators for dreamcast amd psp with sharp graphics and the button layout works for most games. So there no excuse Nether realm. FUCK YOU!

Graphics are tight but what about those cards again?
Again we are whored out a card building scheme we done been through with games they done already. Even Marvel contest of champions had it but done in a different way. You pretty much collected the materials needed to up ya characters. But this card system is always a setback with flaws. You dont always getmto pick who you want, happens at random it seems on ios version of MK X. So they shoukda scrapped that and made just legit dlc packs and let you know who is in it and of you wanna buy said card pack. So sad to bring back something we been whored already plenty of times. FUCK YOU! Nether realm and warner flr that too!


YES IT IS AND HELL NO IT AINT! Meaning yes its another suedo touch based card collecting and building fighter on mobile but its not a hard bones fighting game in the manner us fgc know fighting games to be. This could been very well a super nova of a game on android and ios mobile devices lacks you comtrolling anything. Just tap tap and swipes. Not jumpin at your command or playing zoning or anything strategic and cant duck. Just block. Your commamds are limited to taps and swipes and gettin setups are same as injustice android. Its auot dialed with the swipes and taps and no control on manuvering the initial character. Dont get me wrong imma still play it cause i like MK but i am nlt a fan of the swiping and not comtrolling the character at my own will to do what i
ersonally want to do. Your at the mercy of the system amd cant get but so creative doin setups outside of the auto system. FUCK YOU! for taking away the meat of the fighting and just installin more swiping and touching with no new substance!

Overall review:
Is it a solid mobile game? Yes it sure is and beautiful to look at and play if you love the tap and swipe feature, if you love character building with cards schemes, , if you dont mind not having full control of your movements in directions and if you love in game purchasing to level up much more and the wait times to play. Long as you got money to burn, scorpion will love you .....and warner/ Nether realm too.
This game needs to revamp from the old games it mimicks. Slappi g mk x on ot and add in flashy effects and moves are what they are banking on, not fighting game mechanics. Even tho thats where you get a much more broader gameplay experience from in controlling your character. I could forego all the rest but not able to control fully without a joystick , comtoller layout is gonna make this a not as fun as it should or could be. The company has zero excuse why they couldnt add a layout for comtroller touch pading...none at all. Mobiles are fully capapble of ot amd has games with it....hell emulators are doin it and those range from old consoles to psp Layouts to play games.

The mobile market is huge and is an indie developer playground amd still not fully tapped in all ots potential. MK X have and has a chance to prove it to the masses, sf4 arena, sf4 revolt, sf4 hd, kof 13 android , Soul Calibur all on android have button layouts and from cool graphics to SC dreamcast almost perfection quality. Emulztors like the reicast and ppspp are showing its possible to have high quality graphics of a console work and play well on mobile also. So to these big companoes....yall need to take note with fighting games ported to a mobile device....its all doable and can and has been done by pther peers or the lesser indie devs. So follow through cause yall can do it! Do better MK X and nethrealm studios /Warner.

This review and rant is from Crom Lando....admins. thanx for reading or replying.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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Mortal Kombat x for amdroid and other mobiles
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