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 lando's Joint #5

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PostSubject: lando's Joint #5   Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:33 am

I was remembering some things today that just finally really made me think.

well 15 years ago i was in Philly downtown section walking with my daughter mom, ( then just GF) and while we was walking and talking i stumbled a bit and looked down ad saw i had stepped on a comforter laying on the ground over top a heating vent in the ground. i kicked it off my feet to untangle it and suddenly a guiy came rushing up to me yelling and screaming curses at me, i didnt know why he was fussing so much buit then he said , You punk! you kicked my house! and then he grabbed the covers and walked off. My Gf then told me he was a homeless guy and thats where he always sleep and i just evicted him from his spot. i felt kinda bad tho, really bad. But the thing that made me wonder tho was... was i a landlord for a few minutes?

even tho it was an accident i felt very bad.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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PostSubject: Re: lando's Joint #5   Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:40 pm

Mmmmm how are we supposed to reply?! I understand why you felt bad. I would too. Normally I'm able to just walk past those people with out batting an eye. If I did something like you.....yeah that's different. I live in Chicago. Most of the people I see that are home less are conmen and woman. The only time I see real homeless is late at nite and early morning cause they're sleeping on the ground.

I can over come any guilt because they put them self there. There is plenty of times from childhood to adult hood I could have been in those shoes. I never quit. I never have up. I've slept on the ground, on benches. I've gone without food and water. Those are the thing you gotta do when times are hard.

settling for homelessness is giving up. I know that's a bit of arrogance but that's how I see it.

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Posts : 966 CROM Points : 1150
Join date : 2011-12-22
Age : 43
Location : Philly , Pa

PostSubject: Re: lando's Joint #5   Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:22 pm

thanx for commenting Rage.

well i wouldnt know how to reply to it myself. lol. but i understand where your coming from tho. Of all the things i fear in life ( mostly sharks , alligaters and huge fricken spiders.....yuck) Homelessness is one of my biggest realistic fear. i feel sorry for alot of homeless people especially when i have no clue how they got there. in a sense your right, alot of it is giving up. some here in Pa are substance abusers oh a high degree that tore they life apart, alchoholics, people that rather live on the streets cause they either dont have anyone to go to, family issues and some just refuse to even try to work and rather panhandle for money. i spoke with a homeless guy once when i was a volunteer at a shelter giving out food and the guy told me when i asked why he was homeless, his reply was simply " because i choose taxes and bills " . i am such an advocate to stand against homelessness in america but when i heard that from him it made me take a deeper look as to why some folks "choose" to be homeless.

this guy rather get free food, water and then panhandle for coffee, drugs, liquor and refuses to get a job when we was trying to help those people who were homeless due to fires and loosing everything and not having family to go live with. thats something right there that keeps me determined even more not to ever just give up. you hit the nail on the head with that my friend. i am sure too those who are have many reasons why they are , but the key thing is to never ever give up and try your damnedest to live a comfortable life with shelter.

Originality and creativity and lives inside and outside the box!  Trashcan Larry sprite by Lando
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PostSubject: Re: lando's Joint #5   

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lando's Joint #5
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