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 Landos Joint # 8...Landoism explained!

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Landos Joint # 8...Landoism explained! Empty
PostSubject: Landos Joint # 8...Landoism explained!   Landos Joint # 8...Landoism explained! I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 2:30 pm

I think it is high time i actually explain what exactly is ...Landoism. If anyone reading has never heard of it , its because mostly i say it at spots you dont really frequent. Nor do i. lmao. Thosde who have heard about the Landoism i shall go into much deeper detail as to what it is truly all about and why the hell i been saying it. lol

Landoism is ....me. Lol hard

ok let me take that and describe it. I am meaning moreso the power of myself. My thoughts, my day to day workings and my passions . My ideology , my philosophy and my just being a fun loving me. Conversing with good folks and sharing great moments that are dire to be remembered. Doing away with total negativity even tho it is in us all. we just do not have to act on it especially in this community of hobbyists.  Its being funny without being a  total jerk or a supreme Douchebag. same goes for giving feedback...why be a jerk or a douche? simply because those people can ,. thats all. but you dont have to be, thats where the line between being positive and negative resides. Landoism is about promoting the better side of yourself, the side of yourself that wants to enjoy things from all perspectives but knowing when to cast aside the negativeness out there and settle on the positive. No by any means am i referring to taking jerk wad feedbacks on the chin and keep it moving and continue to do so. NO. there comes a time and point when enuff is enuff. Landoism is also knowing how far to tolerate things, when is when and how far to let something go unchecked. cause we all know the more things left unchecked...its a build up that can overflow.
Landoism is about...you. The person sitting not just in front of the screen reading all this but the person you are  while engaging in this community. The inner child  at heart you, the fundamentalist you, the carefree you, the trolll minded anal retentive you's out there. Bad trolls bad trolls!   Kick da hell out of . Landoism is the bravery to show your stuff even tho you aint done yet, or just started out, being a newb, improving your skills in any GFX art wether pixle work or PS stuff. Coding knowledge abundant or just learning the basics and no matter what anal reviewers say, you press on to learn from your mistakes and improve on it and do so as you go forward.

Landoism is about.. daring to be different. who said you have to do something this way and not your own way? there is no rule book that says somethin must be "accurate to the source" and those who can do it are still no better than those who dont . But as well there is nothin really wrong in having something accurate to its source if thats what you want to do. but do not bash others cause they dont want to.

Landoism is about giving constructive feedback that seriously helps the authors /creators if you want to give it or can. Maybe its me , but i can give some cool folks some feedback about something without being a dick about it...other than i have one hahaaaaa! So how come there are others who cant? maybe its just their core persoanlity being able to shine through on the net, maybe its as i have heard that they be asses cause they cant get kicked in the tooth or their hands sat and smasshed on by big bertha Broom Hilda huge cousin Killer Krusher-yo-ass Mike that been locked up 7 times for whoop assery? i do not know.

But i hope one day in this community those attitudes are done away with since the realization must come to light that this Mugen is a hobby, a platform of enjoyment , it can provide hours of some insane gaming and as well be a tool for learning to create things you as a gamer always wanted to do, or an outlet for those who already had artistic and programming experience to come in the hobby and stretch they wings and fly....or fall just like everyone else can and happens. but in all...take something good from this experience.. cause it CAN lead to many other things you never thought about and now gained new knowledge and skills.

In the end...Landoism is about all these things and more in vast perspectives ,insight, hindsight , understanding and respect...but none moreso than ...Love and passion. To be dedicated to a hobby and learn all you can, apply new skills learned and improvements, put forth creations and create content, you must have the love and the drive of passion to march on and keep at it. Anyone can learn anything in mugen, you got love of what you do and the passion to keep at it, you will achieve what you want. there will be naysayers and haters at every corner of every turn , some may come as trolls and other just snobby buttholes. FUCK YOU! trolls. again. lol. and after your mugen journey has come to its end, go out on your tierms, not anyones elses. cause then you will leave it knowing you enjoyed it and will love it even if you comeback just to play some stuff. Leaving the community doesnt always mean you will actually leave mugen. you can bank on that cause many have left and came back and just repeat over their years. Thats that love i tell ya. in love

closing. We all come to mugen with different personalities, mindsets, some sane, some slighty sane, retarded to the 5th degree or like me , totally insane and outside the box sorta sanity...if that makes any damn sense. lol. The essence of landoism is embracing your insanity moments and sane moments in creating hobby content and just within yourself to do good and positive things . To enjoy friendships, make new friends and be a cool person. Laugh and enjoy the ride cause you will see tons and learn millions. I hope this small explaination ( even tho this kinda long as hell lol0 gives you all some clarity about my Landoism...cause even tho i am lando...there are folks who do have Landoism residing in their hearts and minds.

thanx for readin all dis shitz.

Landoism 101...hail Crom!! Now off to see some sexy ladies! Shake it sexy! I love boobs pimpin
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Landos Joint # 8...Landoism explained!
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