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PostSubject: GTA 5 ONLINE THREAD   GTA 5 ONLINE THREAD I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 8:14 pm

whats up peoples....

well i wanted to let folks know im online PS3 heavy in GTA5. great game. pretty addictive actually since its so much going on and so many things to do.

DTHECHEMIST you can find me there as. I dont trust anyone i dont know so tread lightly send me a message first and you wont get shot and robbed for getting too close to me lol.

I was level 15 but then my char got deleted due to the early days of its release and Rockstar games server crashing so i had to start over. i just got at level 15 again last night

Leveling up (Ranking up) plays a huge roll in the game. if you dont rank up to certain levels you cant buy certain items. weapons. armor. guns. perks. homes. garages or even unlock new missions.

Best thing to do is constantly do missions. robberies at stores. getting away from cops clean and just doing a lot of active work period. almost everything levels you up but some just at lower points.

-RULE 1. Trust NO ONE. if its not your buddy or anything either stay away from the clown or kill em if they coming too close on your map GPS obviously tailing you

-RULE 2: after ALL missions make sure you leave the area ASAP. youll get some ass holes at times who try to kill you before you even get a chance to deposit your earnings into your account on your cell. not all players are scum bags but 5 out of 10 may do that just to get some fast money. yes once you get killed and your Pocket cash isnt in your account its dropped on the floor for easy picking. so BEST thing to do is keep your PERSONAL car with you when you accept a mission invite so when its over your ride is right there or you're in it already

-RULE 3. ALWAYS keep your personal car door locked. why? because in an event an asshole gets lucky killing you they cant take your new insurance paid for suped up car. I learned the hard way with that way early. so yes you can set your ride so that its only accessible to friends on your list or who is in your crew. all other random folks cant get in. There's a lot of folks in GTA5 online who haven't caught on to that yet..or if they are they dont think first to do that. And dont fret over an idiot blowin up your ride and you have to pay 400 bucks to get it back. just find a nice ride to steal, sell it and you may get 3000 to 6000 bucks. so 400 bucks to a GTA5 baller is 4 Bucks LOL. just call the company vehicle return service and youll have your same car back and parked at their office waiting for you. Just dont get robbed on the way there lol

well kiddies Those are the top main rules of survival in GTA5 online. stick with those and youll be fine

anyway im currently down with the MP3 crew (payne killers). that might change over time though

My main gunman is EMC2DVS. he could be your best ally or your worst problem...including me  Hi there  lol

If you ever need a fast getaway, survival mission back up to get that big cash and level up you can just hit us up

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