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 Lando joint# 7 : DOA series

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PostSubject: Lando joint# 7 : DOA series   Lando joint# 7 : DOA series I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 16, 2013 1:17 am

Hi folks. well this is pretty much my serious thought on the DOA series better known as Dead Or Alive. Spaking as someone not just a fan of the series but the whole aspect of 3D fighting games fan. I have seen so much bias towards this particular game that its pretty much ....retarded. yes i said it..its gotten retarded levels of rants and biasness towards the game. It seems with the newest installment coming that folks and critics of the gaming world of mags and such still a lot can't grasp just how deep this game really is. They compare it to tekken and Virtua Fighter which VF series is the more to be in any comparison towards as Tekken is no where near this type of gameplay. I play all 3 games seriously throughout their series years and have had both DOA and Vf series games and most of Tekken except the last 2 games.Doa core mechanic when created was and always will be the counter?hold system. Its a tide turner and with much skill can have some fierce reversal battles in key moments.

yes it was very simplified before but as the series continued so did the way it fuctions. Its a fast gameplay style game and the styles and moves of each character you will have to look for weak spots, exploit holes, timing is everything and most of all....prediction. VF has this as well as any fighting game but with DOA in the 3D arena it is farther more crucial. In Vf series there are some characters that have solid reverse/counter moves and in tekken early on only a select few could as well. Now with 3D fighting games and how well DOA makes it a crucial implementation in fighting other games have made even more that feature a thing to put in their games. VF takes it a lil more technical with some characters but it is far better done in DOA and in DOA 5 it is grand.

The thing that most if not all skeptics and critics harp on about it is....jiggly boobs. You got to be fugging kiddin me right? So you mean to tell me boobs dont bounce when moving around? Since when was this natural dynamic not natural and Tecmo created only? People also have harped on the girls for the sexiness of the women....are you fuggin kiddin me twice? So ugly females are supposed to be the only one fighting? people do realize i think that in comics..damn near every female is busty and gorgeous...even the ones that look like monsters and aliens! I think there might be 20 A cup breasted females in comics as opposed to the thousands in comics that sport a large c to a double D!  I find it funny tho that when men who fandome over comics babes and rip new holes in DOA females for being busty are like a lot of men who when see 2 women fight are just waiting for the ever loving boob to plop out of the shirt or bra. I love boobs  Lol hard  .

The fighting mechanics were not as deep as Virtua Fighter  was and not so combo dedicated as Tekken was and still is. But with DOA 5 and soon Ultimate version coming soon, this new breath of fresh air in the mechanics in adding better styles, more tech moves, more ways to counter and combo strings....is simply astounding. The graphics are top notch with no 3D fighter on the market in graphics to challenge it other than VF 5 final Showdown but alas..even Doa 5 shines brighter with the inclusion and team up of both houses adding in several Vf characters which look even better and play just as good in Doa 5 gameplay scheme. That is an amazing feat.

When do these haters and so call wanna be real critics do the job right and call something what it is because it may trump their own beloved franchises. Its fun, easy to pick up and play and learn, fast and can be competetive and plays great solo as well. Has good soundtrack, tight ass graphics ( oh and hell yes now the folks look realistic and nice and still people complain about that...and its what some folks even harped on it about being some anime goofy before looking...jeesh) great counter/hold system, improved combo style gameplay mechanics, lots more room to get technical and tons of in a pinch fight reversals.

No this game is not to be compared to Street fighter 4 or anything like that. not tekken or even solid Virtua fighter series. DOA stands on its own 2 legs and tall right now in the 3D fighter arena. True 3D fighting game fans , martial artists and fans of the series itself can and should i say appreciate what they are doing with the series and as well the genre. Pushing graphics, and gameplay forward..just a notch more each time without tearing it apart to make something total new and unfamilair but they do great by adding in things that keep it a bit fresh and fun to play. The story has always been on the uhhhh ok side but most of them have been in fighting games. its the fighting where the game shines along with the powerful graphics, the moves and the characters themselves that kept it going with fans and i am glad they are still going and please Tecmo and Sega...keep both games Rocking. Fuck the haters and critics....why? if they had any ounce of knowledge and true awareness and call it like it is... this game would get 9.5's and 10 across the board...they have given lesser games more. Sad....very very sad. DOA 5 is a great game and a good series.

Even us in the mugen community should look at these things and learn from them and think solid about how we should not just view our content we want to make but as well each other and work together to make something good  as best we can with what skills we have and tools to work with and we will enjoy everything we try to make  despite the trolls and haters who wont do, can't do  think they are above everyone and show egotisical personality and or ones who dictate like whats done is owed to them or to impress them to a high standard that will always be under scrutiny . We can get better and do better without the ill attitude and demeaning opinions while we learn to hone our own skills learning and teaching each otherwith the  love for this hobbyist craft.  

Hail Crom.
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Lando joint# 7 : DOA series
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