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 Lando's day at Comic Con!

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Lando's day at Comic Con! Empty
PostSubject: Lando's day at Comic Con!   Lando's day at Comic Con! I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 6:48 pm

C.R.O.M. Lando's day at Comic Con!

Small view.

My day at Comic con was amazing! I got to see a lot of stars and even tho it was expensive to see them and get stuff from them, i enjoyed just being in the background ( cause i didnt have even anywhere enuff money) and taking in the atmosphere of it all.

some crazy but cool photos i took of people.

This had to be the most out there costume i saw while i was there. People was scared to death of it, especially girls and kids. Some people who didnt know it was a real person in the outfit cause he stood still, when they came by they thought he was just a prop...till he moved! he would try to reach out and touch you or just start chasing you with his crazy walk. happy smile


i told him to turn around so i can get a better shot and he reached out to chase me!

this person was there and was just creepy as hell too.
some random shots with my nephews and their fav comic stars:
some cool random folks...omg this one shadaloo will like. lol this guy was hilarious to talk to and take a photo of when he posed for me.
this was actually a real little boy inside steering it. [spoiler]Lando's day at Comic Con! IMG_20130601_145811_zps6e701bf1

Now did Lando take a few pics with some nice cosplaying girls there? Sure bet i did.


then my nephew got his own...punk!


these 2 girls were so beautiful and i got to get a nice pic with them both. The bride zombie was amazingly pretty too without the makeup and with it. lol
oh this was one of my favs too.. me and the girl on the left was too cool. her and harley were booth girls working a stand so they were there for the whole 4 day show. I caught them on day 3. dang near fell in love with her....just like the bride zombie woman. hotness!

i didnt get a chance to take a pic with Ms marvel dressed babe while she was there with her BF who was dressed as green Arrow. lol but i tried to get a good snapshot but she turned and face another group of people and caught some slight Marvel cheeks from the side at a distance. No i wasn't being a perv either....... :-"

My brother has the other pics we took so i def got to get them from him. lol. Punk saving the good scantily stuff for himself and taunting me with them. lol. there were a bunch of stars there and Stan Lee....was the Fin man! had more security around him at all times more than any president ever had. I saw Lou Ferrigno, Linda Blair, the new superman dude was there, kevin Sorbo, A couple Walking Dead stars were there, so many i cant even name them all really, plus a crap ton of the companies freelance and comic artists were there and so was one of the DC Injustice artists on deck with some of his works for sale . Dude stuff was tight !
I got to talk with Tommy Castillo for a few while he took a sec from drawing this amazing art right there in front of everyone. He was so focused and fast at it , it was like he was in a room all by himself and none of the people existed.. A very cool note about the guy was out of all the celebs there and well known artists that were there, he was the only celeb and artist who didnt charge for a autograph and a picture. But you had to buy one of his pieces to get them. lol Lando ran out of money and was pissed cause i wanted one! lol here was his stand.

there was some great stuff there and i tremendously loved the atmosphere. Me and my bro have already made plans to attend the next comic con and as well the next Anime Expo Cosplay convention. A stand lady told me that's when you will see the best dressed cosplaying people , at that convention. especially the women. >happy smile. all i could do was smile. So i am dressing up for both. Me and my bro are planning now our E3 trip for next year in march in Boston that he told me. I had a ball. 👍 👍
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C.R.O.M. Creator
C.R.O.M. Creator

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Lando's day at Comic Con! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lando's day at Comic Con!   Lando's day at Comic Con! I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 8:20 pm

I enjoyed your narrative ... fight!
I've never been to a place like that ... :(
Thanks for sharing ... happy smile
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Lando's day at Comic Con!
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